About us


Adeb Engineering & treading plc. is led by an ambitions and engineering industry–led management team involved in the day-to-day activities focusing on world brand products and services around the globe.

The Managing Director of the company is a mechanical engineer by education and has shown great strength in networking & business development as exemplified, among other things, as an initiator and board member to both Habesha Brewery & Habesha Cement Share Companies in Ethiopia.

The leadership and management team of Adeb Engineering & Trading Plc. work with passion & dedication for quality goods & services.

The company is based in Addis Ababa with:


We shall work very aggressively and efficiently to be one of the biggest Engineering Company in the country.


We shall bring excellent quality technology & brand to the country and add value to the product and make it affordable without comprising on quality. Our mission statements include:

      • Loyal & fair engagements with our clients;
      • Continual professional growth and development;


      • Diversification in various sectors
      • Plants/Equipments for different sectors
      • Joint-ventures
      • Seasoned Project Team in Marketing, Distribution & installation and commissioning of electro mechanical plants/equipment.
      • Continual organizational aspect of development that Adeb would see in its system the buildup of teams with competencies in industrial and manufacturing sectors including agro-processing, cement, brewery, textiles and food & beverages.




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